Together we build the future

Who are we?

We are a team of 3 high school students with the goal of creating and developing as many technological solutions as possible for our everyday life.

What we do?


We put ideas into practice by creating electronic circuits, from design to construction and testing.

Software development

We are programming microcontrollers and implement .NET applications for different platforms.

3D Drafting

We design 3D components which we will later use in our projects.

Our Goal

We want to realize as many projects as possible to support our day-to-day activities. Thus, we integrate technologies that aim to reduce pollution and ease people's activities. Our ideas are brought to light by involving the team in as many activities as possible in the technology sphere.

Our Projects

Our last project

Team Members

Daniel Marpozan

Daniel is in charge of the electronical part. He designs the circuits in Autodesk Eagle from schematics to a final PCB.

Codrin Muntean

Codrin is the team's software developer. He has a background in .NET programming, building different applications, from web APIs to mobile applications.

Alexandru-Ovidiu Rădac

Alexandru is the team's drafter who is responsible with the design and mechanical part of our projects. For 3D design he uses Autodesk Fusion 360.




Phone Numbers

0759022165 - Daniel
0753652674 - Alexandru
0771744178 - Codrin


Our successes wouldn't be possible without the contribution of our sponsors